Whittaker Myers PC has been an invaluable partner for Single Point.  Their expertise in construction law is well beyond what I’ve found with other firms and they provide it at reasonable rates.  When the unfortunate occasion arises that we need legal representation, Whittaker Myers PC is our one and only choice.

James Douglas
Managing Partner
Single Point Construction LLC

As a practicing attorney myself, I have worked with Shawn over many years.  I have always found him to be an extremely professional and effective attorney.  The best way I can think to describe my opinion is that when one of my closest friends, who is a contractor, needed legal representation, and I didn’t feel comfortable representing him myself, Shawn was the first and only attorney I recommended.

-David Kaminow, Esq.

Shawn and his team are the consummate professionals. They are a pleasure to work with and produce impressive results. With their help we have been able to nearly eliminate our delinquencies. They have shown the right mix of compassion for our families and hard nosed determination to collect funds owed to our school. I would highly recommend them.

CFO, Private School, Maryland

I had a very challenging Case for Shawn. He and his staff handled the case with such professionalism. When we won the judgement that was just the beginning. The work now really began with the collection part! Shawn and his staff worked so diligently to collect the full amount. It took a while but Shawn explained that it will take time, but he will get it all and he did! Through out this time period his staff would say in touch and give me updates. I know Shawn has many other cases, while he was speaking to me I always felt that my case was the most important one he was dealing with at that time. Which really speaks to the kind of person Shawn is. He is a very caring and sincere attorney which is really rare in this day and age.

We want to extend our sincere thanks to you in all of the services and time you put into this case. Unlike most Law firms, Whittaker-law exudes honest practices, compassion, understanding among other positive qualities. Even after this is all said and done (soon, I hope) I can honestly see this relationship continuing since it is based on a personal level such as, trust and respect. Shawn, again thank you for the help and support you and your team have rendered to us.

Shawn was great to respond quickly via phone and clearly understood my situation. He immediately took action and went to work on my case. Top notch guy and fast.

Jeff Divers 503-201-6419
Vivid Properties, LLC


Shawn Whittaker was highly recommended to me by a retired, out-of-state attorney, who, not knowing Shawn personally, was aware of his reputation.  I contacted Shawn after a series of events left me in the midst of an unpleasant legal situation without legal representation.  Shawn was well aware of the extremely challenging circumstances I was confronting; but, chose to accept those challenges and represent me.  Providence was shining on me that day.

Shawn and his staff have been fantastic.  They have been extremely attentive to detail, knowledgeable in their pursuit of the issues facing me, and efficient in their time management without sacrificing quality.  Their representation has resulted not only in successfully overcoming many of the challenges I was facing, but, in a cost effective manner that was a refreshing change from what I had previously experienced.

Shawn has given me a new-found confidence that my situation can and will be resolved in a positive fashion.  He has been determined in representing my interests but has done so in a fair and ethical manner that is admirable.

I was extremely fortunate to have found someone of Shawn’s caliber.  I would recommend Shawn and Whittaker & Associates without reservation.

Shawn Whittaker has my highest recommendation for any business in need of an attorney.  This recommendation is based on far more research and experience than I had ever imagined I would have.  A little background may be in order.

An attempted management takeover of UNVA in 2007 left the university in disarray and resulted in a very large number of long and difficult lawsuits.  UNVA retained several firms, both large and small, to represent us.

The quality of our representation ranged from excellent to acceptable to abysmal, and our overall legal costs were well into 7 figures.  I decided that we needed an overall management review to optimize our results and to contain costs.

I literally documented the costs and the effectiveness (based on both objective and subjective criteria) of every firm and every attorney we had used.  One name rose to the top on both lists:  Shawn Whittaker.

We negotiated an agreement and he became our corporate attorney and the lead attorney in all of our cases.

Since Shawn’s firm was small, my one worry was that we might overload him.  To my delight, he took over all of our cases without missing a beat.  Not only was his work as good as or better than that of larger, more expensive firms, but he coordinated the many cases is such a way that we saved even more time and money.

For a general business attorney, you will not find a better choice.

Dr. David V. Lee
University of Northern Virginia


Over the past 15 years VMI has retained many attorneys.  Shawn is hands down the best attorney with whom we have worked.
Shawn is uncompromising in his ethics but very flexible in his approach to working with us.  He communicates well and I always know the status of every case.  His advice has saved my firm many thousands of dollars.

Whittaker & Associates is clearly the most effective firm we have ever had.  For example, so far in collections cases he is batting 1,000 having won each of our collections cases.

He is also the most cost effective attorney with whom we have worked.  He takes care to keep contain costs which is a refreshing change from many attorneys we have had in the past.

Deepti Reddykotha
Vertical Marketing, Inc.

Shawn and the whole team at Whittaker Law are exceptional. They consistently go above and beyond to ensure that no detail is overlooked as well as to ensure that every case (regardless if its large or small) is handled vigorously, professionally and successfully. Don’t know what we would do without them.


Jason Bach
Mosaic Technologies, Inc.

My experience with Mr. Whittaker was very rewarding in too many ways to list here.

It is nice to know that there is someone you can always count on to give you support. In my opinion he is the consummate legal counsel.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I admire and appreciate your candor and professionalism.

I look forward to getting sound legal advice from you, your attention to detail, and the continuation of a good lawyer-client relationship.

Merlyn V. Smith
Amicus Nursing Services, Inc.

Our firm is a subcontractor to the construction industry & found ourselves in a situation that required legal expertise specific to the construction industry. It is said that most cases settle prior to ever getting to trial, well ours did not. But two days into the trial the other side engaged our counsel to settle the matter. As a result the settlement was substantially in our favor. That was a direct result of the excellent pre-trail preparation & trial litigation of Shawn Whittaker.

Josh Bunting
Bunting Companies

20 River Road
Verona, PA 15147

Our young Internet-based firm was besieged with legal problems in the early years.  The unique challenges caused us to deal with law firms nationally ranging from one-man shops to nationally-prominent 1000+ lawyer firms.

Shawn Whittaker and his staff were more responsive, creative, diligent, and effective than any other.  We have used them for years, and expect to continue to use them.  I’ll gladly speak to anyone needing a recommendation for a lawyer that seems to love his work and is very good at it.

David J MacFadyen
Chief Executive Officer iHire, LLC

41 East All Saints St
Frederick, MD 21701

I have known Shawn for close to 8 or 9 years and in that time he has provided both my company and me with excellent legal work. Whether it is contracts or collections, I can always count on Shawn doing a very professional job.

I would unequivocally recommend him for your business legal needs.

Shawn Whittaker is an excellent attorney and negotiator. Mr. Whittaker is hardworking, honest, and full of integrity. I refer my friends, clients, and associates to him when they need good advice about litigation or real estate. He brings results and I’ve had exceptional feedback from everyone that I’ve referred to him.

I have used Mr. Whittakers services on numerous occasions. He has been very professional when helping me with legal matters . He will fight for you when you need a fight, but most importantly he will negotiate for you and get what you really need out of the out of the situation. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of an attorney.

Shawn Whittaker has represented Custom Services as well as anybody could ask. He is an honest lawyer who cares about his clients, not just their retainers. No legal action is cheap, but neither is an operation or even a car repair. The biggest things you look for in a mechanic, a doctor or a lawyer is competence, honesty and a caring heart. Shawn has these qualities in abundance, and I highly recommend him to all.

We retained Whittaker Law during a very critical time in our firm’s history; faced with several crisis that threatened the firm’s future, WL was instrumental in removing legal obstacles which ultimately improved employee confidence, client services and cash flow. WL was the firm we retained when considering a business combination, and WL provided insightful, thorough and comprehensive contract negotiation expertise. Several key issues, overlooked by management team advisors, were identified and re-negotiated to the firm’s satisfaction because of WL’s solid approach.

The whole Lawyer thing had always made me feel uncomfortable….until I met Shawn Whittaker. Shawn is so strong in his field that his expertise left me feeling total in control and confident in our legal case. He new exactally what he was doing and what to expect as he handled everything with the utmost professionalism and timeliness. Shawn’s personable attitude also made me feel comfortable with him as I know I can totally trust him. He’s vested into his business for the long haul and is as fair as his reputation is strong.

Warm Heart has been very pleased and would like to thank you for all your hard work and efforts; you’ve worked diligently for all this years. Your assistance is greatly appreciated and beyond the call of the average attorney who would not take the time. Thank you again for your hard work your and Good luck in your new office.