I had a very challenging Case for Shawn. He and his staff handled the case with such professionalism. When we won the judgement that was just the beginning. The work now really began with the collection part! Shawn and his staff worked so diligently to collect the full amount. It took a while but Shawn explained that it will take time, but he will get it all and he did! Through out this time period his staff would say in touch and give me updates. I know Shawn has many other cases, while he was speaking to me I always felt that my case was the most important one he was dealing with at that time. Which really speaks to the kind of person Shawn is. He is a very caring and sincere attorney which is really rare in this day and age.
A Very Thankful Client
We want to extend our sincere thanks to you in all of the services and time you put into this case. Unlike most Law firms, Whittaker-law exudes honest practices, compassion, understanding among other positive qualities. Even after this is all said and done (soon, I hope) I can honestly see this relationship continuing since it is based on a personal level such as, trust and respect. Shawn, again thank you for the help and support you and your team have rendered to us.
Sanjeev & Jeena
Shawn was great to respond quickly via phone and clearly understood my situation. He immediately took action and went to work on my case. Top notch guy and fast.
Jeff Divers , Vivid Properties, LLC
Shawn Whittaker was highly recommended to me by a retired, out-of-state attorney, who, not knowing Shawn personally, was aware of his reputation. I contacted Shawn after a series of events left me in the midst of an unpleasant legal situation without legal representation. Shawn was well aware of the extremely challenging circumstances I was confronting; but, chose to accept those challenges and represent me. Providence was shining on me that day. Shawn and his staff have been fantastic. They have been extremely attentive to detail, knowledgeable in their pursuit of the issues facing me, and efficient in their time management without sacrificing quality. Their representation has resulted not only in successfully overcoming many of the challenges I was facing, but, in a cost effective manner that was a refreshing change from what I had previously experienced. Shawn has given me a new-found confidence that my situation can and will be resolved in a positive fashion. He has been determined in representing my interests but has done so in a fair and ethical manner that is admirable. I was extremely fortunate to have found someone of Shawn’s caliber. I would recommend Shawn and Whittaker & Associates without reservation
An Extremely Grateful Client!
Shawn Whittaker has my highest recommendation for any business in need of an attorney. This recommendation is based on far more research and experience than I had ever imagined I would have. A little background may be in order. An attempted management takeover of UNVA in 2007 left the university in disarray and resulted in a very large number of long and difficult lawsuits. UNVA retained several firms, both large and small, to represent us. The quality of our representation ranged from excellent to acceptable to abysmal, and our overall legal costs were well into 7 figures. I decided that we needed an overall management review to optimize our results and to contain costs. I literally documented the costs and the effectiveness (based on both objective and subjective criteria) of every firm and every attorney we had used. One name rose to the top on both lists: Shawn Whittaker. We negotiated an agreement and he became our corporate attorney and the lead attorney in all of our cases. Since Shawn’s firm was small, my one worry was that we might overload him. To my delight, he took over all of our cases without missing a beat. Not only was his work as good as or better than that of larger, more expensive firms, but he coordinated the many cases is such a way that we saved even more time and money. For a general business attorney, you will not find a better choice.
Dr. David V. Lee, University of Northern Virginia

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